Work with us?

If you are a motivated individual with a passion for changing this world, Texila American University (TAU) of Zambia might be the perfect place for you to work. TAU is one of the leading universities in the African continent. Zambia is one of Africa’s leading urban centers. It has a pleasant tropical climate and is filled with natural wonders. You can be a part of this university and enjoy an equal opportunity environment driven by innovation and recognition of talent.

We support the learning and development of all our employees. We believe employees thrive in an inclusive environment with a human-centered approach, which is precisely what we encourage here at Texila.

We believe that creativity and productivity stem from a healthy lifestyle. That is the reason we encourage and support all our employees in staying healthy. Employees also get to be part of elaborate team building activities, CSR activities, workshops and webinars for development, etc. conducted on a regular basis.

Employees are awarded based on value and culture every year to recognize talent and dedication.

To have a healthy balance, we have a range of nourishing and enjoyable events to add a little inspiration, distraction and fun into your Texila Life

If you are looking to be part of an international organization aiming to become the industry leader. Texila American University is the workplace for you.