Life at Guyana

Life in Guyana is breath-taking natural landscape, and a colorful capital city brimming with nightlife, shopping, historical sites, and dining opportunities.

Guyana is an independent country situated in South America. Though Guyana is not located in the Caribbean, it has strong relations with the Caribbean Community – also known as CARICOM or CC and regarded as a Caribbean country. Guyanese cricketers play for the Cricket Team of West Indies which culminates 7000 islands and a prominent part of the Caribbean!

Cultural institutions

Cultural sites in Georgetown are center concentrated. The city’s Guyana Museum includes the Guyana City Zoo, which has an impressive collection of animals, including harpy eagles and manatees. The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, also in the capital, contains artifacts of the country’s various indigenous cultures which add richness and heritage to Guyana Life.

Healthcare in Guyana

Guyanese Government ensures that the people are provided with good healthcare in both the public and private sectors. The government-funded public healthcare system in Guyana is well distributed throughout the country and is available for foreigners and nationals. The Guyanese Ministry of Health ensures that quality, reliable public health organizations and medical health clinics are easily accessible and available for the majority of residents in Guyana and are constantly improving their healthcare system for the welfare of the people.

Food and Social Culture

Daily life in Guyana revolves around family groups; notably, the matriarchal family among Afro-Guyanese contrasts with the patriarchal South Asian family. Daily dress normally does not differentiate one group from another. Guyana’s cuisine includes a perfect blend of South American, Asian, and Chinese dishes that make liberal use of fiery locally grown chilies and fresh tropical fruits and vegetables. A typical Guyanese dish is a pepperpot, a stew made of meat (contains usually beef, mutton, or pork), potatoes, and peppers laced with cassareep (a sauce concocted from cassava juice and spices).

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