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Compensation and Recognition

Our mix of financial rewards recognize the unique skills and is tailored to the market where you live and work.


We aim to enable an environment where our people feel empowered by offering extensive learning opportunities.


Employees are rewarded and recognized based on their individual and group performance.


Career advancement & opportunities

  • Meritocracy – Texila has a standardised and formalised performance management system. A KPI based system is designed to assess functional, managerial and potential competence in an objective and transparent manner. The system is designed to accomplish the overall organisational vision and mission by linking individual performance to the Organization’s objectives through Balance Score Card which help the teams and individuals excel in their core area.
  • Career Advancement – All career paths have an underlying management structure. Promotions within each career path are aligned with the needs of the organisation. Succession criteria for leadership positions in each career path have been identified by HiPo (High Potential) model. Specific training interventions and on job trainings are part of our HiPo development program

Inclusion and Diversity

By respecting individual cultures and unique backgrounds, we transcend geographies, drive innovation and better support our clients across the world. We believe that having a diverse workforce is not only important for our business, but also essential as it promotes an inclusive culture that benefits every stakeholder
At Texila, we strive to nurture an environment where diversity is welcomed and inclusion is embraced

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