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Texila American University Consortium: One of the panelists of the ‘Future of Startups’ in YES 2022

Texila's Founder and President, Mr S.P. Saju Bhaskar Receiving Award
Young Indians, Chennai has organized a significant, “YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AND INNOVATION SUMMIT 2022 (YES)”. This initiative created a great impact in instilling the qualities of entrepreneurship and leadership in young and dynamic minds. With 30+ speakers focusing on 6 industries, 400+ delegates got the opportunity to hear from the industry…

Reminiscence Day: Texila Celebrates Employee Accomplishments

Inside Texila
Texila Reminiscence Day Celebration
In keeping with tradition, Texila American University Celebrated Reminiscence Day on 31st March 2022, a monthly event where management and employees gather to celebrate birthdays, work achievements, and welcome new staff members. Marked every month, the main purpose of this event was to appreciate the accomplishments of employees. Staff members…

Splash Of Colours: TAU Guyana Celebrates Holi

Inside Texila
TAU Guyana Celebrates Holi
Faculty and other staff members of Texila American University Guyana took part in the Holi celebrations on 18 March 2022. The Hindu festival of colours was organized by the university and the participants were treated to a variety of sweets. Holi as it is commonly called marks the arrival of…

Reminiscence Day, August 2021 | Texila American University

Inside Texila
August Reminiscence Day
Employee appreciation and recreational activities are crucial to an efficient workplace. That is why Texila American University conducts Reminiscence Day every month. One day, every month, all employees come together to appreciate the achievements of coworkers and take part in team-building activities. This Reminiscence Day, management and staff of TAU…

Staff Reminiscence Day – June 2021

Inside Texila
Reminiscence Day June 2021
Texila American University has a tradition that we uphold every month, Reminiscence Day. Management and staff gather to celebrate birthdays, work achievements, and welcome new staff. Celebrated every month, this day’s purpose is to appreciate employees and the work that they put in. The new staff gets the chance to…

How to Improve Learning & Development in the Workplace

Human Resource
learning and development in the workplace
Learning and development (L&D) in the workplace have always played a critical role in the fast-changing world. It has taken on a prominent role in the hybrid workplace. It has also forced the development of learning prototypes rapidly. By learning new skills, you can stay ahead and keep well-informed about…





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Project Example 1 – Notebook


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I am an Enrollment Advisor at Texila American University for Almost 3 years. Working at Texila American University is a dream come true. I remember working close by and I always admire the facility and the employee. For almost 3 years I have had the privilege to speak with almost two thousand students from different countries. I have also Enrolled 150 Students in a medicine program. I enjoy my work family. Some of the benefits of working at Texila are the employee discount and the opportunity to speak with different people so if you are looking for a university or somewhere to work I would recommend Texila American University.

Shavin Cummings

Enrollment Advisor

I started my career with Texila, as it’s a rapidly growing company that provides employees with a number of opportunities for learning and development and also for gaining invaluable experience within a multinational team. A combination of learning, on-the Job training and the opportunity to explore on new markets with a diverse group of people has helped me to develop as an experienced person.I’m extremely proud to be associated with one of the most ethical company and to work for an organization that helps make a difference in the field of Education. I also appreciate the positive work environment, including flexible work arrangements. Overall I like what I do and I know how my role & my decisions contributes to what I’m doing for my customers.


Manager Inside Sales

Texila culturally puts a great effort and time to know me – not only my professional traits but also personal ones. Texila’s culture is purely human-centric that makes me give my discretionary effort when it’s required. Texila also brings out the best in me by encouraging, guiding, and empowering me to think outside of the box.At Texila, the sky is the limit. The organization provides enough opportunities, autonomy, and freedom to choose what I want to do and how. This autonomy made me choose the jobs that I feel passionate, innovative and committed about. Additionally, it created a sense of responsibility and hunger to win in the jobs and ways that I have chosen. The autonomy and empowerment that I receive at Texila is a real motivator for my role.


Payroll officer

I never had a career plan, but I always concentrated on the respective task and wanted to do my best. Due to my good performance I soon became noticed, and each job in the company helped me to further develop myself.

Kavithaa VIjay

Team Leader Finance

Texila’s inclusive culture helped me become a part of the team quickly. With a team that helps you grow, timely and constructive feedback, and immense developmental opportunities, Texila is a great place to grow, both personally and professionally.


After being associated with the Group for more than 7 years, I feel an integral part of this organization. I feel a sense of peace at the office, of getting noticed for my contribution, of being confident in what I do.I have a great team and, in fact, some of the best business folks to work within. Texila prepares you to learn how to take responsibility – the key is to get you involved, make you sit in the driver’s seat, ask for your opinions, teach you to avoid mistakes. That’s a journey itself and over a period of time, you are on autopilot. If you stick to the seven values Texila has taught us, you are on the right track.


Assistant Academic Manager


Being with Texila I have learned- Discipline, Culture, Self-Motivation & Career Growth. You can learn lot of things with your interest, the organization supports & motivates to achieve your Goals. In short- “I am proud to be a Texilian”

Pushparaj. A

Payroll Officer


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